Avala betta

Alaval betta is located in Chikballapur district of Karnataka. It is approximately 100 Km from Bengaluru.


Day 1: Bengaluru – Beechaganahalli cross –  Gudibande
Day 1: Gudibande – Avala betta – Bengaluru

Gudibande Fort


We left Bengaluru early in the morning and took Bellary road(NH 44) till Beechaganahalli cross. We took a left from highway towards Gudibande town. We crossed an enormous pond just before Gudibande,  there was a very small entrance from main road which leads to the base of the hill, which we obviously missed and reached out for locals help to proceed to Gudibande Fort base.

Actual Start
By the time we reached there it was 10am. We started our trail, there are steps till the peak and its quite easy. We explored the multi level fort as we proceeded. Few glimpses…

Gudibande Fort as seen from far

We spent some time exploring around the fort and the majestic view of the surrounding, then we left to Avala betta for a sunset view as per our plan.

Avala betta


There is an inner route to Avala betta from Gudibande via Chikkanagavalli, just check out Google maps, going back to NH is not necessary.

Roads are good and we can directly reach Avala betta peak, there is a Forest guest house and a temple on the peak. Need to climb few steps to reach the temple and behind it is a route which leads to the iconic photo spot – The cliff  & a pond.

Apparently there was a note saying dangerous trail with signs of wild bears. We were not allowed to enter there and we climbed the boulder for a beautiful sunset. Enjoyed the calm atmosphere and returned back after a small snack post dusk.

Last mile
View from Forest guest house
Steps to temple
Cliff view from boulder
Conquered !

I just shared my experience here in brief. It is always good to share and appreciate other references and their experience so here is a link which explains more in depth on these destinations.


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