Kunti betta night trek!

Kunti betta is located in Pandavapura town, Mandya district of Karnataka.
It is approximately 130 Kms from Bengaluru.


Saturday – Sunday: Bengaluru – Mandya – Kunti betta
Sunday: Kunti betta – Thonnur Lake – Bengaluru


We left Bengaluru at around 7pm on a Saturday evening, halted for snacks near Mandya on the highway and reached Kunti betta at around 12am. Why on earth we took so long to reach our destination? Yes an unexpected road block on outskirts of Bengaluru was the reason for that, just mentioning this so that I remember this as the worst traffic jam I had ever experienced.

Last mile connectivity

After crossing Mandya, we need to take a deviation to the right from highway, as it shows in Google maps. There is an arch at this deviation mentioning a temple name. We should proceed in this way till our destination arrives to our right, follow Google maps. You see a school, water tank and a temple a the base as shown in below image. Since it was a night trek paths can be misleading and getting to the base is primary issue. Worrying about secondary issue? Read on the know…

Actual start

By the time we arrived at base we saw few vehicles of some adventurous club and few other groups and got to know they had already begun their exploration.We were lucky that there were few folks in temple premises due to some event on the next day, we took their help in guiding us how and where to begin the trek. They were very kind and helped us with our starting trouble.

We had geared up with torches, backup lights, snacks and begun our expedition. There were a lot of dead locks as you proceed in the wild, expect it unless you are accompanied with some professional or a guide. I heard one can hire a local guide as well, but we felt it wasn’t necessary. We were the only 4 people who started at that time, many had reached the summit as we were hearing noises, seeing some flash lights now and then. A laser beam would also help one to locate in such dark environment. Flashes and noises helped us to track the pinnacle and we just went accordingly. One wrong turn would lead you to dead-end, watch out!

We faced such situation twice or thrice that is when we thought of divide and conquer, one used to stay at a place and rest used to explore in different directions and with the help of noise and flashes we were in sync with each other. And this was the secondary issue I mentioned before.

Your stupid route finding skills will be reviled soon, wait for the descent after sunrise!

The Glory

There were already few members who had reached atop and were all setup with fire camp and music. We reached at around 3:30am, took a spot to relax and rejuvenate ourselves with the snacks we had. It was a very calm and moderate climatic condition, until when it was 5am where it became misty and cold. Enjoyed every bit of it and as the sun rose we wandered around there for some time and saw these beautiful spots. The pillar stood tall and is the mark of summit, there are mythological stories behind it.

Beautiful sunrise
The Pillar

When we started to descent we got to know how easily we could have come in few dead locks which we had encountered in the dark, laughed and mocked at ourselves as we reached the base.

We were aware of Thonnur lake which is around 10km from kunti betta and proceeded there, which is the main water source of the surrounding villages. There were few outlet streams where water gushes out of lake and you can play.

Thonnur Lake



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