Yalagiri Hills

It’s 05:30 in the morning, still dark and cold outside it starts alarming on my cell phone that was set on previous night. I would probably not wake up that early even during my exams! But you can’t beat this, its travel time and previous night will obviously be sleepless. You have no other options than to wake up early and get ready for the train that is at 08:00 since the scenario has changed with huge population explosion in developing country like India and railway department allowing pre-book up to 4 months and those long queues in front of ticket counters all rushing in your mind you need to do this.

Reaching Destination

(All travel related plans are done keeping in mind Bangalore as origin)

The nearest Railway station to Yalagiri is Jolarpettai Junction (21km), and nearest city would be Tirupattur (27km). There are quite a few trains from Bangalore (SBC) to Jolarpettai (JTJ). Distance between Bangalore to Jolarpetti is 149 km

Once you alight the train ask someone the way to main road where you can get buses or auto to reach Yalagiri.


Before reaching there you can always pre-book the cottages/rooms say a week before just in case for your safety! There are plenty of Lodges/Guest houses/cottages over there. We stayed in Kanna’s guest house which has a good ambiance and other facilities, in a single cottage around 6 people can stay comfortably even 8 not a problem. They have room facilities as well and they have facility to prepare food if you order.



contact: 04179245360, 9486621329, 9442456647

Local spots


  Nature park

  Few temples & a water fall

All these places can be covered within a day.


Frankly speaking there is nothing to see in here, you just love to stay in this cool weather for a day or two leaving back all your work and worries back at home . For enjoying weather and for a peaceful mind its the best place to visit.


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